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Apple Turns for Curved Screen iPhone Development With New Sensors

Apple Turns for Curved Screen iPhone Development With New Sensors

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After Samsung and LG, Apple is also looking forward towards the development of curved screen iPhone. This is surely the next step of innovation in Smartphone industry, and this is one of the biggest reasons why all the industry giants are heading this way.

Curved Screens phones are not just innovative, but they are also the best and the most lucrative method to entice crowd towards one’s phones, hence allowing companies to make some record sales.

Some people might say that Apple is copying the trend, and they surely are, as this is the future of the Smart phones. However still a whole lot of progress is needed to be done in this section and this is mainly because the technology used is relatively new.

Apple has already started the development of curved screen iPhone, and it might be launched in second half of 2014. Apple plans to launch two different models in the second half of the year which would feature screen size of 4.7 Inches and 5.5 Inches along with all new and enhanced sensors that are designed to detect different levels of pressure.

All this makes new Curved screen iPhone to be the most desirable one. Anything that is offered by Apple is always regarded as the best, as the company has built its reputation over the years. Apple’s curved display phone would surely grasp the customer’s attention and they would be more than willing to buy this new curved display phone.


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