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Nokia Plans to add Bluetooth LE Technology for Lumia Handsets

Nokia Plans to add Bluetooth LE Technology for Lumia Handsets

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Since past couple of months, Nokia has surely been doing quite good in mobile industry especially after it was pushed closer and closer to bankruptcy. Nokia with the help of its Nokia Lumia handsets, was successfully able to sell around 9 million of their Smart phones, and came out of the harm’s way.

Microsoft – Nokia are surely working very hard in order to get back on track and to emerge as the biggest Smartphone manufacturer. Besides hardware, company is surely working out its way for software as well, and this is one of the reasons why they are making good enough sales, and attracting customers from other markets.

After Instagram and Vine app, Nokia has planned to add Bluetooth LE technology in all of their Lumia handsets. Bluetooth LE Technology is basically a technology that will consume only a very small amount of your battery when using Bluetooth.

This update is already out for Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 625 and 720 which is known as Amber update, while the upcoming update will be equipped with Bluetooth LE Technology for each and every Lumia Windows Phone 8.

For most people it might not be that much important news, but when you get this update for your Lumia phone, you will surely know how much your older Bluetooth version is eating out your battery, and how significant this Bluetooth LE Technology really is!


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