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Blackberry Might Quit Mobile Phone Industry in 2014 – 2015

Blackberry Might Quit Mobile Phone Industry in 2014 – 2015

blackberry quit mobile phone industry

Blackberry, which was known to be the business phone giant around 5 years back, is now in harm’s way, as its phones are wiping out from the smart phone market at a much faster pace.

Blackberry’s spotlight phone Z10, has turned out to be the biggest failure of the year, as alone it has caused $935M loss to the company, hence leaving Blackberry in a terrible spot. The overall loss of Blackberry in this year is $965M.

This current statistics have surely put Blackberry in a gloomy condition, as the phone that was expected to be a huge success cost the company more than anything else. After that, the chances of launch of Blackberry Americano is also look quite shaky, as the company might not be looking forward towards their budget phone series, as the probability of success is quite low.

IPhone 5C surely didn’t do that well as per the expectations, and hence the company minimized the production of this phone, and this could also be the fate of Blackberry budget phones as well which will surely give another huge blow to the company.

 Besides everything else, Blackberry is also losing its precious clients, as AT&T and Verizon has showed distrust in Blackberry phones, while T-Mobile has clearly stated that they are no longer interested in stocking up any of the Blackberry phones, as it was causing them some serious loss.

It seems that Blackberry won’t be able to survive in this market for that long, and it might need to quit Mobile phone industry, as they are losing everything what it needs to survive. But still they are sitting on $5Billion worth patent Goldmine, now all we have to do is to just wait and watch how things work out for them.


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