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Blackberry Budget Phones Series – To Be or Not To Be?

Blackberry Budget Phones Series – To Be or Not To Be?

Blackberry budget phone series

The news of Blackberry Budget Phones series is running like a wild fire, but Blackberry stand point over these budge phones seems to be quite Shaky, as they are several news about Blackberry that are running around in the market these days.

One of the news says that Blackberry is going to launch their very first series of Budget phones namely Blackberry Americano in competition with iPhone 5C, while some has it that company is not going to launch any further Smart phones till the end of their financial year (Their Financial Year Ends in March 2014), and will keep up with their Q and Z series of Smart phones, as if they might not want to compete with iPhone 5C. Hence things remain questionable for their budget range phones and nothing is sure till now.

However the news that makes this entire thing questionable is that the company agrees to a $4.7 Billion takeover deal and that the company has also decided to switch its priorities from consumer market to enterprise market, which makes all these news pretty confusing, as all of them cannot be true at the same time.

This time to time change of statements has made the entire thing pretty confusing, as none is for sure that what would happen next. So if you are expecting to get your hands over Blackberry’s budget phone series then you might need to wait till March 2014, as the company is going through a whole lot of hassle, and surely they are in no condition to launch any new cellular phone in the rest of the year.

So now all we can do is to just wait and watch what is going to happen next!


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