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Blackberry Americano – Blackberry Budget Phones are on their Way!

Blackberry Americano – Blackberry Budget Phones are on their Way!

Blackberry budget phone

The news of a cheaper / economical iPhone has surely spread like a wild fire, and this was mainly because of the fact that people have always been waiting for a cheaper iPhone. It is evident that people are more than eager to get their hands over this economical iPhone which is officially known as iPhone 5C. Following this trend, Blackberry now also has planned to launch a new economical range of smart phones in order to regain its long lost market.

Blackberry is known to be one of the very first elite class phones that gain popularity worldwide in its early days due to its exceptional design and features that it was willing to offer, hence allowing it to be a very first and complete business phone.

But as the time passed by, Blackberry lost its real charm and its sales dropped significantly but not its prices, hence leading company at a stage that it had to sack the jobs of around 12,000 Employees, as company was not making money in Smart phones, and was incurring some heavy losses.

In order to overcome this thing and to bring back itself in the market, finally Blackberry has decided to follow the footsteps of Apple Inc. and planned to launch its very first economical range of Smart phones which will be called as “Blackberry Americano”.

Blackberry Americano is said to be the combination of Blackberry’s Z and Q range and would have an exceptional design with all the specifications that goes right in that budget range. Besides that, one of their spokesperson also said that the company would be reducing the number of devices in the market, which is surely a perfect call by Blackberry. It seems that they will only be focusing over their budget phone in future! So anyone up for Blackberry Americano?


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