Some BlackBerry 9900 Pros and Cons

Some BlackBerry 9900 Pros and Cons

If you are a smart phone user and you are willing to switch from your smart phone to Blackberry 9900(Bold 4), than it is highly recommended that you should go through Blackberry 9900 Pros and Cons, as it would help you in making a decision that whether it is a good idea to go with Blackberry 9900 or not.

Blackberry 9900 pros and cons

Blackberry bold 9900 is basically a business phone, so you would be getting some of the best features that would assist you in your business, while you will also encounter some of Blackberry 9900 cons too.

In the following lines you will get to know some of the of Blackberry 9900 pros and cons, in order to know about this smart phone in a much better way.

Let’s discuss some of the Pros of Blackberry 9900:

Blackberry 9900 Pros and Cons – Fastest

One of the best reasons for going with this model of Blackberry is that it is fastest as compared to its predecessors. So if you are willing to experience a lightning speed processing than it is surely the best choice for you.

Blackberry 9900 speedy

Faster Browsing

Blackberry Browser was known to be the worst among all, but in Blackberry 9900 you will surely experience a faster and better browsing than before.

Blackberry 9900 fast browsing

Bold 9900 Is Ideal for Blackberry Users

If you have been a loyal user of Blackberry than it is surely the model that you are looking for, as you would get each and everything better in this model, hence allowing it to be one of the most durable Blackberry models.

Now let’s move towards some of the Cons of Blackberry 9900 too:

Limited Sending Of Data

Blackberry restricts you in sending your data, as you would only be allowed to send the data maximum of 7MB. It might be frustrating for the people that are coming from with other smart phones that offer them a bigger limit of sending data.

blackberry 9900 limited data

Worst Camera Ever

One of the worst things about Blackberry bold 9900 is its camera, and this is because if you try to take a close up picture the only thing that you would be getting is the blur image.

blacberry 9900 camera

Battery Issue

Another big con of this smart phone is its battery. You will be able to make it through the day only if you use it very lightly, else you surely need to recharge it at least 2 times a day. Even iPhone 4, 4S and 5 battery is way much better than of blackberry bold 9900.

blackberry 9900 battery

After reading all these Blackberry 9900 Pros and Cons, now its surely very easy for you to take the final decision that whether it is a good idea to go with this Blackberry model or not!


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