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BBM app for Android and iOS reaches 10M downloads benchmark in 24 hours

BBM app for Android and iOS reaches 10M downloads benchmark in 24 hours

BBM or Blackberry Messenger is known to be one of the best default messaging apps that officially comes with Blackberry phones. BBM is by far the only default messaging app that allows Blackberry users to connect with each other with all the privacy and security they deserve.

bbm app for android and iphone

Now Blackberry has launched its very first BBM app for Android and iOS, which spread like a wild fire among Android and iOS users. Within the period of 24 hours, BBM app for Android and IOS reached 10 Million downloads globally, hence allowing them to know how much Android and iOS users are willing to use BBM.

If Blackberry use this tactic in a correct manner, than it would surely turn out as a money making scheme for them. This successful launch of BBM is basically a re-Launch of BBM app for Android and iOS, as the Beta version didn’t go that well and was filled with a good number of bugs, hence resulting in suspension of this app for approximately an entire month.

Now this re-launch version seems to be quite impressive, as in 24 hours it reached 10M hits and still counting! But how do we know that BBM is liked and loved to the masses? Well the consumer’s response surely turned out great in reviews, as BBM app earned 60,000 Five – Star Reviews out of total 87,000 in both Google Play and Apple Store.

Due to such number of Positive reviews, BBM app for Android and iOS took number one spot in free apps within 24 hours in up to 75 countries. The market for Blackberry’s Messenger is surely wide open, with a whole lot of opportunities, as this is one of the things that people used to love in their Blackberry phones , and they are surely going to love it in their Android and iOS based phones.


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