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How to Assemble and Disassemble Samsung Galaxy S3?

How to Assemble and Disassemble Samsung Galaxy S3?

If you are a mobile phone / smart phone repairer than the very first thing that you need to do is to know and learn how to assemble as well as disassemble a smart phone in a right way, and this is mainly because if you don’t know the correct method of doing that, then you will never be able to diagnose and / or resolve any problem that has affected your cellular phone.

Each and every cellular phone has a different method to assemble and disassemble, especially when it comes to smart phones. Therefore you need to have proper knowledge about assembling and disassembling of smart phones; else you might be damage that device.

As every smart phone has a different way of assembling and dissembling therefore we cannot apply a single method of assembling and disassembling on every smart phone.

 In the following lines you will get to know about the tools as well as the correct method to assemble and disassemble Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides that, in this article you will also find the parts identification guide, that will help you to understand different components of S3.


Following is the set of tools that you need in order to assemble and disassemble a Samsung Galaxy S3:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tools

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Flat screw driver
  • Plastic Separation tool

Disassembling Samsung Galaxy S3

Now let’s begin with disassembling procedure of Samsung Galaxy S3:

  1. Switch off the phone (If it’s already not switched off).

Samsung Galaxy Switched off

  1. Remove Samsung Galaxy S3 battery cover.

Removing battery Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Now remove battery, SIM Card, Memory Card (If any) as per shown in figure.

Removing battery of Samsung Galaxy s3

removing sim card from galaxy s3

Removing Battery Sim card memory card of  Galaxy S3

  1. Next thing that you need to do is to remove all the screws from your Samsung Galaxy S3 with the help of Philips screwdriver. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the screws and the method to put them back, as all of them are same in size.

how to remove screws of Samsung galaxy S3

  1. Now after you have removed all the screws, lift back cover with the help of a flat screw driver. You need to be very careful while doing this procedure in order to avoid any kind of phone and cover damage.

Open mobile

  1. After removing back cover, now remove your Samsung Galaxy S3 buzzer strip using plastic separation tool and then gently remove the assembly in order to proceed further.
  1. Now remove following strips:
  • Strips of Front Camera

Remove upper part

  • Display Strip

Display Strip samsung s3

  •  Volume and Speaker button assembly strip

Volume and Speaker assembly strip s3

  1. Remove Ant wire from outside, and it is considered to be important because there is a slight chance that you might damage the wire or connector (or both). Following is the image of Correct and Wrong methods of removal of Ant Wire:

Wrong way of removing ant wire in S3

Right way of removing ant wire in S3

  1. Lift main camera from display assembly and then remove camera strip.

Lifting main camera in Galaxy s3

  1. Finally remove Motherboard, Vibrator, Second Camera (after removing screw) and strip of Volume & Speaker

removing mother board in samsung s3

Remove speaker



Following is the image of all the parts of Samsung Galaxy S3:


After you are done with resolving and identifying the problem, now let’s move towards:

Assembling Samsung Galaxy S3

Before you plan to start assembling Samsung Galaxy S3, you need to make sure that your LCD isn’t damaged, and after you are assured of that, all you have to do is to:

1)      Fix Vibrator, Strips of Speaker & Volume button assembly.

how to connect  vibrator in s3

how to attach strips of speaker?

2)      Now on Motherboard:

  • Fix main Camera.

how to fix main camera s3

  • Place Motherboard on LCD and connect its Strip.

how to connect motherboard in s3

  • SIM and Memory Card strip on board

How to connect sim and memory card in S3?

3)      Connect following wires:

  • Antenna with wire

how to connect antenna with wire in s3?

  • Wire of Speaker – Volume Strip

how to connect  wire speaker in s3

4)      Place front camera and connect it

how to connect front camera in galaxy s3?

5)      Now go with HD Phone Jack assembly and Buzzer.

how to connect Buzzer and hd phone jack in s3

6)      Put Camera cover.

how to fix camera cover s3

7)      Now before you place the screw in your Samsung Galaxy S3 make sure that its LCD is working by switching it on, after that, fix it with the help of screws.

switching on s3 before screw fixing

8)      Finally put battery and battery cover.

covering battery cover in s3

Identifying parts of Samsung Galaxy S3

Mother board Side – A:

Front, Bottom and cover of Motherboard

Identification of Motherboard's parts one side

  1. Chip of Motherboard
  2. Murata M2322007 Wi-Fi Module
  3. Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core A9 processor with 1GB LP DDR2 Green Memory (K3PE7E700M-XGC2)
  4. Samsung KMVTU000LM EMMC(16GB)+MDDR(64MB) NAND Flash
  5. Intel Wireless PMB9811X Gold Base band processor
  6. MAX77693 and MAX77686
  7. Broadcom BCM 47511 Integrated Monolithic GNSS Receive
  8. 33ODC 2214 4TP AC

Motherboard Side – B

Side B of Mother Board:

Identifying second side of motherboard parts

  1. Wolfsan Microelectronics WM 1811 stereo codec
  2. Sky Works SKY 77604 Multi-Band Power amplifier (transceiver amplifier)
  3. Silicon Image 9244 low-power MHL Transmitter(MHL transmitter chips provide high quality of video O/p. Advanced low power operating mode to maximize battery life in mobile application)
  4. NXP PN544 NFC Chip is to establish wireless protocol for low power consumption.
  5. Infineon PMB5712 RF transceiver (network IC) (modulation and signal processing) for radio function.



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