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Apple Wins the Race of Securing Curved Screen Touch Design Patents

Apple Wins the Race of Securing Curved Screen Touch Design Patents

iphone curved display patent

Nobody beats Apple when it comes to securing patents, as this time again Apple wins the race of securing curved screen touch design patents.

All the tech giants know what future holds for curved screen phones, as that’s the new era of innovation. It is evident that Apple has its eyes on launching a curved screen iPhone, as they have won curved touch-screen patent.

Apple has not just won the patent, but they have also publicized the method of curved touch screen development as well, just to ensure that none of the companies copy their development patent or technology. It seems that Apple Inc. is tired of bringing in judiciary every time, and wasting their time and money.

Samsung and LG have already stepped into the curved screen display market, as Samsung has introduced Samsung Galaxy Round (bended horizontally) while LG G Flex comes up with a vertical curve with the most distinctive feature of self healing. LG claims that it’s self healing feature fix all the minor scratches within a matter of few seconds.

Apple’s curved screen phone is yet to come, most probably in 3rd quarter of the year, and it is evident that they are surely going to offer something distinctive in their iPhone, now let’s wait and watch what they have to offer in their curved screen iPhone.


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