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Apple Resumes Production of iPhone 4 for Developing Countries

Apple Resumes Production of iPhone 4 for Developing Countries

Apple products, especially iPhone is surely in a high demand all over the world. No matter how old the product (iPhone) is, it is still considered as the top of the line Smartphone among the rest, especially in developing countries.

Apple resumes iPhone 4 manufacturing

It has been noted that iPhone 3GS is still very famous among Asian countries, and is taken in a high regard, but the significance of iPhone 3GS is depleting day by day due to the launch of newer models.

For the very first time in history, Apple has resumed iPhone 4’s production, and this time it is targeting developing countries. Apple has started massive production of this handset and is found to be largely successful till date.

One of the biggest reasons for this success is that the common people are not able to afford the newer generations of iPhone, but they still crave for this Apple product, hence allowing them to get attracted towards iPhone 4, as for them it is much easier to get.

Few months back, Apple started selling their iPhone 4 on installments, and it came up as a huge success, as the sales of iPhone 4 raised to more than 400% in just a few weeks, hence allowing the company to make billions over its older product.

Besides the product, one of the biggest reasons why people from developing countries are attracted towards this product is that it is available on monthly installments, which makes it much easier for common people to buy this product, secondly these phones are not used or refurbished these are absolutely new phones manufactured by Apple Inc. hence allowing people to make the most of this offer in the best possible manner. However due to all these facilities there is a very high chance that the price / resale value of iPhone 4 and 4S will drop to the masses and this is because people can already get new iPhone 4 on installments, hence there is no need for them to go with a used phone.

The above mentioned statistics are for Brazil, Indonesia and several other countries. Now Apple is also looking forward towards the re-launch of their product in several other countries where they think their older products might get a massive boom. As the initial phase of this re-launch has gone exceptionally well, and if Apple Inc continues the similar practice than they would be making more money over their older phones at a much massive scale.


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