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Apple Regains its Lost Position in US Smartphone Market

Apple Regains its Lost Position in US Smartphone Market

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In the first quarter of 2013, specifically after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, Apple lost significant market in their home country and their phones ended up ranking 3rd and 4th, which was surely a serious concern for Apple, and it was evident that Apple will lost more market till the end of the year, but things have turned out way differently what it was expected to be.

IPhone 5S and 5C launch has literally took out Apple from the bad way, as the company has made some record sales, and went out of stock in just a few days, hence allowing them to regain their number one spot in United States.

Besides that, Apple has also witnessed a 1.5% increase in their market share, while Samsung got an increment of 1.3% while other Android phones including HTC and Motorola has witnessed a serious percentage of decline in their share and LG remains consistent.

Putting in iPhone 5C along with 5S had surely made Apple’s market much stable in United States, as the company witnessed great sales at the end of this fiscal year and is expected to increase it in coming year as well. This has literally proved that Tim Cook is surely a great strategist that not only made more sales at the end of this year, but also helped Apple to regain its losing ground in United States. But now what we really have to see is that whether Apple would be able to dominate the entire World or would it be just limited in dominating United States market?


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