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Apple Fears of Loosing Profits Against Samsung and Microsoft

Apple Fears of Loosing Profits Against Samsung and Microsoft

apple fears from microsoft and samsung

Yet another time Apple Inc. made some huge sales over its products. IPhone 5S and 5C broke all the Apple’s previous sales records, hence allowing Apple to reach its yearly sale of $170.3 Billion.

$170.3 Billion is just the story of their yearly sales, but it seems that the profit books might be a little shaky, as this technology giant surely has spent a whole lot in its advertisement campaigns, as the competition was already quite tough!

Bloomberg reported that Apple had a 2% of increase in its fourth quarter revenues, however that was surely one of the most risky deals Apple has concluded so far, as iPhone 5S was expected to be a failure, but the launch of iPhone 5S along with 5C really worked out as a charm, as Apple made billions out of these two cellular phones in just a few weeks.

But the competition in market is getting real tough, as Samsung is coming up with more and more attractive, stylish and powerful Smart phones, which is literally cutting iPhone sales. Besides that, Microsoft – Nokia merger is also news of concern for Apple, as this thing has surely attracted a whole lot of consumers, and if Microsoft comes up with something exceptional in Smart phones then it is surely going to trouble Apple to masses, which would literally result in a cut of more sales.

Apple sees Microsoft as a potential competitor who might trouble them in near future, hence it seems that Apple fears of loosing profit against Samsung and Microsoft, as tougher the competition would be lesser sales will come in Apple’s Pocket.


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