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iOS 7 becomes a huge Success as 74% of Apple Devices migrated to iOS 7

iOS 7 becomes a huge Success as 74% of Apple Devices migrated to iOS 7

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Apple’s iOS 7 turns out to be the fastest adopted Operating System by far, as 74% of Apple devices migrated to iOS 7 within a period of three months. These Apple devices include iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

However the most awkward thing is that, a good number of people have complained about the issues related with iOS 7 and also about its dull graphics, but still this didn’t stopped iOS 7 to capture 2/3rd of the Apple’s users attention.

iOS 7 was launched along with iPhone 5C and 5S, and every new device that is launched by Apple comes with this operating system. Besides just the newer devices, it is also compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S.

As per the Apple’s survey about 22% devices are still using iOS 6 while remaining 4% are still using older Operating System.

Most people have complained about its dull interface and have reported other problems too, but this iOS has surely come out as a blessing for gamers, as with that they are experiencing absolutely lag free gaming, hence allowing it to be the top choice for them. While on the other hand some might also be planning to switch back to the dynamic interface of iOS 6.


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