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Patent Infringement – Apple Demands $380M while Samsung Willing to Pay $52M

Patent Infringement – Apple Demands $380M while Samsung Willing to Pay $52M

samsung vs apple patent infringement

As we all know Apple has already won the patent infringement case against Samsung, and now it is the time to decide how much Samsung has to pay in the damages to Apple.

Jury has proposed that the damages that are to be paid by Samsung to Apple should be less than $450M, while Samsung is willing to pay much lower which is $52M. Apple Inc. is really not satisfied with the proposed amount, as they are demanding $380M for the damages.

Currently Samsung owes Apple Inc. for 5 of its patents, but Samsung is saying that Apple Inc. is demanding way much more for what it is entitled to, as Samsung made its money on most of its own features including Larger Screen size, easy to remove battery, 4G services etc. Besides that, Samsung products are available at an affordable price as compared to iPhone, and these are the main things which have attracted people towards Samsung’s products.

Apple Inc’s lawyer has claimed that Apple Inc. has lost its good enough sales to Samsung, and it was just because they have infringed their patent tech. Besides that, he also claimed that even $380M is quite less, as Samsung has sold 10.7 million infringing devices, hence making $3.5 billion.

However Lucy Koh, who is the judge of this case, asked both of the companies to settle their disputes via talks, and come on a common point, so the case can be resolved much swiftly in a shorter interval of time, over which both parties have mutually agreed, and they might be submitting proposal in first week of January.


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