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Apple Suffers a Huge Loss as 3 Million Units of iPhone 5C remains Unsold

Apple Suffers a Huge Loss as 3 Million Units of iPhone 5C remains Unsold

Apple Inc. has given a history of successful iPhone sales starting from its very first generation, however for the very first time Apple Inc. has suffered a huge loss over their iPhone 5C model, as this iPhone was not able to do as per the company’s expectations.

3 million 5c units remained unsold

At the time of iPhone 5C’s and 5S’s launch a good number of techno analysts believed that iPhone 5C is going to make record sales, while 5S won’t be able to do that good in the market, but the results were completely opposite, as iPhone 5S outnumbered the sales of iPhone 5C greatly while iPhone 5C witnessed much lesser sales. By seeing all that, Apple Inc. limited the production of iPhone 5C, as it was more of a failed experiment by the company.

IPhone 5C could have been a successful Smartphone, only if the company had lowered the price of the phone as per the consumer’s expectations. Besides that iPhone 5C came in plastic body with almost similar features as of iPhone 5, and this is one of the reasons why people rejected this phone to the masses.

The low demand and poor sales of iPhone 5C reports were roaming in the international market, and as per the recent report it has been reported that there are more than 3 Million iPhone 5C units that remained unsold. Out of these 3 million units, 2 Million of them are in factory while 1 million of these unsold units are in the market today, but it seems that no one is interested in buying them. When reached to Apple Inc. they did not commented anything on this report. I guess that’s the reason why Apple lost points on Wall Street even though they made massive sales over their iPhone 5S.

Even after the loss over iPhone 5C, Apple is still planning to launch two iPhones at the same time, and as per the reports they are going to come with the screen size of 4.7” and 5.7”, which will surely impress the crowd, as everyone is looking forward towards an iPhone with an even bigger display, but this “Bigger display” is surely taking out all the juice from the distinctive iPhone design, as this thing will only make iPhone a “Just another Smartphone”.

As per the recent reports, iPhone 6 has already gone under manufacturing process and the company is planning to manufacture 90 million iPhone 6. IPhone 6 launch date is expected to be launched in the 1st week of third quarter i.e. July 2014.


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