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3 Main Problems Of iPhone 5

3 Main Problems Of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was known to be the biggest and the best gift of the year 2013, as a whole lot was expected from this generation of iPhone, however this generation of iPhone has came up with a whole lot of problems which are commonly referred to as problems of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 has surely came up as a huge disappoint for a whole lot of people, as most people believe that the only difference iPhone 5 and previous iPhone models have is the screen size, while other things remains the same.

In the following lines you will come to know about 3 different problems of iPhone 5 that people normally face in their iPhone 5:

Problem With Apple Maps:

Google and Apple has surely part ways with each other, and as soon as it happened, Apple disengaged Google maps as the default map application, and came up with their very own Apple maps. One of the biggest problems of iPhone 5 is its maps, which is also being mocked over the internet to the masses. You surely cannot rely on Apple maps for now, and you really need to have a proper GPS system with you if you really don’t want to get lost.

Problems of iPhone 5 – Wi-Fi Connection Issue:

Another Issue in iPhone 5 is its Wi-Fi connection. A good number of people have sent error reports regarding to the connection of some of the Wi-Fi networks. Some of the severe problems of iPhone 5 Wi-Fi that people have reported are:

Problems of iphone 5

  • Refusal of connection.
  • Drops the connection from time to time.
  • Extremely Low signals, even when standing beside the router.

These are some of the terrible problems of iPhone 5 when it comes to its Wi-Fi connection. In order to overcome such consequences of iPhone 5, all you have to do is to restart your iPhone, but it is only a temporary solution.

Excessive battery drain in iPhone 5:

Battery drain in iPhone 5 is one of the most crucial problem ever reported by its users, that needs to be resolved on urgent basis, as this normally leaves people in a very awkward situation. The battery drain of iPhone 5 is now more than ever, besides that, people are also facing the issue of overheating to the masses which is an all in all a huge trouble for them. However a great number of people have reported that this iPhone 5 problem was resolved after they did a hard reset of their iPhone, however it is not guaranteed that this thing will surely work!

All of these problems of iPhone 5 are needed to be resolved on urgent basis, as people have already lost their trust in iPhone 5, especially after the death of Steve Jobs. Apple should be focusing on resolving all the problems of iPhone 5 before launching the next version into the market, so that they hear minimum complains about their products.

All of the above are some of the most severe and crucial problems of iPhone 5, that surely troubles people to masses, and are needed to be resolved on high priority basis.


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