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2 Effective Methods of Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth Troubleshooting

2 Effective Methods of Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Do you remember the time when Infrared technology used to rule the mobile phone industry? If not, then you were quite young or you were not much into technology and stuff. However this Infrared didn’t last much in this market, as Bluetooth technology took over it rapidly, and this was mainly because it was way much faster and had a good range, hence allowing people to send their pictures as well as their confidential data way much quickly.

Each and every smart phone possesses Bluetooth technology, as it is regarded as must and people these days also prefer to share their pictures and videos via Bluetooth instead of MMS, as Bluetooth doesn’t cost them even a single penny.

Sometimes it happens that your Smartphone’s Bluetooth stops working, due to any of the reasons, and there are many ways to troubleshoot this issue, however this Bluetooth troubleshooting method varies from one smart phone to another.

In the following lines you will get to know about two effective methods of Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth troubleshooting:, but before that you will get to know some of the basic Bluetooth problems that you might be encountering in your S1.


  • Device not found.
  • Bluetooth not connecting.
  • Data stops transferring in between.
  • S1 fails in connecting with other device’s Bluetooth.

Reasons of Problems

  • Dry soldering of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna could be the cause of this problem.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-FI IC might be damaged.
  • Phone is in invisible mode.
  • Transferred file might be too big.
  • Antenna might be damaged.

Basic Method

Most people pray that their Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth issue gets resolved with this method, as if it doesn’t, then it is surely a hardware problem and a person needs to take it to a mobile phone repairer, in order to get it working. This method includes:

  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy S1.
  • Make sure that you have marked it as “Visible when connected” or “Visible when switched on”.
  • Search for other devices.

If Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth issue isn’t resolved with this method, then you have to move towards option number 2 which is:

Hardware Method

This hardware method can only be resolved by a mobile phone repairer or the one that is under training. In order to resolve Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth problem, all a repairer has to do is to follow the following steps.

Samsung Galaxy S1 Bluetooth troubleshooting

  • Check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Antenna.
  • Solder its antenna again with the help of a soldering gun.
  •  Verify the exact voltage at capacitor which is near to Bluetooth Module, if there is a issue in the capacitor change it.
  • Change BT Module.


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